Hand Etched Glassware


This is the first and second installment of the Series of four glass designs that will be offered in the Poodle Etched Glassware collaboration

by Laura Holling Kaplan and Maureen Broussalian.


Sergio  and Rosie are clever illustration created by Maureen.  With her skillful pen strokes, she has brought to life “Sergio" with his wild hair and personality, with "Rosie" she has added a banded top knot and pig tails for a very poodly female look! These glasses are sure to put a smile on your face! 

Each glass is hand etched by Laura. From start to finish, it takes her an hour and a half to complete one glass. This is due to the intricate detail of the design and rounded shapes of the glasses. It's kind of like grooming a poodle, a lot of time and talent to get it just right! 

Sergio and Rosie is available in three glass styles: Tumbler, Stemless Wine Glass and Tall Glass. 

 A LIMITED NUMBER of these glasses will be created. Please order now while they last.

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Etched Glass

Etched Poodle Glasses

Have your favorite animal etched on glassware!

In my past life I did a good deal of graphic design work. I have added this talent to my studio offering with my new line of Hand Etched Glassware.

I create the images on my computer, make stencils and etch the images on glassware of your choice.

Contact me if you are interested in having me image etch your pet favorite animal on a set of Tea, Wine, Beer or Whiskey glasses. I also have snack bowls too!