Clay Work

Outdoor Lion Fountain

CLAY WORK: THE PROCESS: Creation+Fire+Finish

 Details! Details! Details!...That is what my clay sculptures all have in common.

I start with wet raku clay and lots of pictures supplied by my clients.  Depending on the size of the piece, the design work can take up to 8 weeks.

Once the design is completed it has to air dry. It is very important for the artwork to be completely dry with no moisture before it goes into the kiln.If not...KABOOM!

The piece is loaded into my Skutt KM-818 Kiln. It is fired up to 1500 degrees for 24-35 hours.

I finish each piece with acrylic glaze to likeness of the pictures supplied and add a protective polyurethane glaze as a final step. 

All of my clay sculptures are fragile. They are shipped through USPS priority mail or UPS with insurance in case of damage. If damage does occur, I will recreate the artwork at no charge to you.